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All There Is To Know About Bed Bugs


Over the course of many years, homeowners have waged an uphill battle against a variety of different creatures, critters and pests. Each of these critters presents a unique problem, which needs to be rectified as quickly a possible. Allowing an infestation to linger will only allow it to worsen. This is especially true, when it comes to the bed bugs in Cincinnati. Eliminating these bugs, before the problem can become overwhelming is essential. Within this guide, you will learn about the various bed bug treatment options Cincinnati has to offer.

Ways To Confirm An Infestation

Before delving into your treatment options, you should first confirm the presence of these pests. There are numerous ways to do this, but often times, it is best to inspect your own body. You know your body better than anyone and you know whether or not bumps and bites were present in the past. Inspect your body and see if strange red bites have formed on your body. If they have, you will want to begin taking the problem more serious than ever before.

Next, you should check your home’s bed sheets and furniture. Be sure to look carefully for red bloodstains and brown excrement marks. Bedbugs tend to leave these signs everywhere they roam, so pay close attention to both. If you’ve been able to identify bedbugs in your home, it is time to take action and put an end to their reign.

Finding A Solution

Now, you should slowly begin examining your potential solutions. There is more than a handful and each can be very effective. Of course, it is highly likely that only one will suit your individualistic needs. First, you may want to contemplate taking action on your own. If you’re somewhat of a control freak, you will definitely want to tackle the task, without assistance. Unfortunately, this isn’t always effective and may require several days of treatment, before the problem will be solved completely.


Over the years, chemicals and sprays have been used consistently to eliminate a handful of different pests, including bedbugs. This process can be effective, but some worry about the harmful side effects of the chemicals. Also, these techniques will generally need to be carried out for a few days, before the bugs will be completely eradicated. This makes sprays and chemicals too time consuming and ineffective for many consumers.

Heat Treatment

Last, but certainly not least, there is one other way to eliminate those pesky bedbugs roaming around in Cincinnati. There is a new technology, which is capable of heating up the infected home. When the home reaches an immensely high temperature, the bed bugs will be killed. This is undoubtedly the best and most effective way to solve the problem. With heat treatments, the consumer will not need to remove furniture from the home and potentially harmful chemicals can be avoided.

All In All

At the end of the day, the consumer has options, when attempting to eliminate their home’s bedbugs. By analyzing each of these solutions, you will likely come to the conclusion that the heat option is the best. It is more effective and convenient than the rest. With this in mind, you should definitely incorporate it into the treatment of your home, so you can reclaim your life!

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