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How To Rid Your Infestation

If you have ever suffered from a bed bug infestation, then you know what nasty and irritating critters they can be. While they are not known to carry or transmit any diseases, they are nasty and can bite you. The bites can lead to infection in certain individuals. If a bed bug infestation gets too … Read more

How To Find an Exterminator And Suitable Bed Bug Treatment

Bed bugs can take over an entire house in a matter of days. An adult female can produce more than 200 eggs in her lifetime, which means that you home will be invaded, before you realize that you have an infestation. Bed bugs are about the same size as an apple seed, but when they … Read more

How To Determine If You Have Bed Bugs

Do you fear that you are suffering from a bed bug infestation? You are not alone, because millions of people ask the very same question every day. When it comes right down to it the only way to tell if you actually have a bed bug problem is by producing a sample of the bug. … Read more

Does Bed Bug Heat Treatment Work And Is It Your Best Option?

Bed bugs are parasites, which mean they feed on the blood of a host. A host that is usually humane or canine. They are very hard to kill and even harder to spot. Most people believe they cannot be seen with the human eye, but that is just a popular misconception. It is because they … Read more

All There Is To Know About Bed Bugs

Over the course of many years, homeowners have waged an uphill battle against a variety of different creatures, critters and pests. Each of these critters presents a unique problem, which needs to be rectified as quickly a possible. Allowing an infestation to linger will only allow it to worsen. This is especially true, when it … Read more