Does Bed Bug Heat Treatment Work And Is It Your Best Option?


Bed bugs are parasites, which mean they feed on the blood of a host. A host that is usually humane or canine. They are very hard to kill and even harder to spot. Most people believe they cannot be seen with the human eye, but that is just a popular misconception. It is because they are so hard to spot it why people believe that. Mattresses, box springs, baseboards, and carpet are all very popular destinations for bed bugs. These critters usually like to stay within a few meters of their host, so they will have easy access to their food source.

While there are many different treatments for bed bugs, one treatment that has had a lot of controversy is the heat treatment. There are actually several different forms of bed bug heat treatment. A heat source will kill bed bugs if the heat is hot enough. However, success of treatment really depends on early detection and if the treatment is done correctly. Below you will learn more information about bed bug heat treatment in Cincinnati.


Hot Box Treatment

Hot boxes are the perfect solution for furniture, mattresses, box springs, shoes, clothes, and even luggage. Bed bugs will start to die out at anywhere from 117 degrees Fahrenheit to 122 degrees Fahrenheit. The walls of a hot box can reach higher temperatures than these. However, the temperature source that heats the hot box is the most important part. If the process is not done correctly, it can cause fires, so caution and know how it is a big must with this method.

Also, keep in mind that there are some items that can be damaged if heated to these temperatures.


Steam Treatment


A stream treatment is also another form of heat treatment that can kill adult bed bugs, larvae, and eggs. Unfortunately, steam treatment is not meant to be hot enough to kill those hidden bed bugs. However, this treatment can be used several times without damaging items that are sensitive to heat. This treatment usually works best on box springs, bed frames, curtains, pillows, sheets, and clothing.


Household Dryers


A household dryer can produce enough heat to kill be


d bug. In fact just washing items in hot soapy water in your washer can kill bed bugs. However, there are many items that are not applicable for washing or drying. If you want to try the dryer to kill bed bugs it is recommended to dry on high for at least 20 minutes. Also keep in mind that you want to keep your freshly washed items away from items that many be infested.


Home/Building Heat Treatment


If the infestation has spread too far and wide, you may have to result to the home/building heat treatment. Licensed professionals can only perform this method because it involves bringing special equipment into the home. The special equipment will heat the entire home above 117 degrees F, thus killing out all the bed bugs.



Now, that you know a little bit more about bed bug heat treatment you can choose your desired method. If you are in need of further assistance you can seek bed bug heat treatment in Cincinnati.