How To Find an Exterminator And Suitable Bed Bug Treatment

exterminator_imageBed bugs can take over an entire house in a matter of days. An adult female can produce more than 200 eggs in her lifetime, which means that you home will be invaded, before you realize that you have an infestation. Bed bugs are about the same size as an apple seed, but when they consume a large quantity of blood, their body will expand quite large. If you have an infestation, you will need to find a Cincinnati bed bug treatment quickly.


If you are unfamiliar with the bed bug, you would be surprised to discover that they present with a sneaky behavior. The purpose of their deceptive behavior is because they do not want to get caught in action. Bed bugs target their host and feed on them at night, so their presence will not be noted.


There are a variety of bed bug treatments that you will have to select from. You can go the DIY route and attempt to rid your home of the infestation, but it will be no easy task. There are many store bought pesticides that will eradicate these parasites, but it will be ineffective in killing those that are hid away in your mattresses, headboards, and box springs. It is nearly impossible for the pesticide to reach the bedbugs that are located in the depths of your furniture. With this being said, you should skip the DIY route and go directly to hiring a professional exterminator that is knowledgeable on bed bug treatments.

Nowhere is Safe

Every home or commercial rental business is safe from bedbugs. While many victims may be under the impression that bed bugs only affect homes that are dirty, this is genuinely a myth. Many 5-star resorts and hospitals have admitted to being a target, so you should not be ashamed of your situation.

Travel Capabilities

Bedbugs are very active during the nighttime hours. They are capable of traveling up to 100 feet every night, which is fairly significant, when you considering their small size. Of course, the parasite is not going to stroll very far from their host, because they will not survive very long without food. It has been determined by scientific studies that a bedbug will remain within 8 feet of their host, so they do not have to travel very far to feed.

Feeding Habits

An immature bedbug will need to feed every night, but an adult can survive up to several months without feasting on blood. In order to keep their presence a secret, they will only feed during the nighttime hours. Most victims do not even realize that they are a victim, until they discover small red, edematous bite marks on their body.


Once the victim realizes that their home is infested with bedbugs, then they will begin to exhibit anxiety to the point that they suffer from insomnia. If you are exhibiting anxiety and restlessness, you should not hesitate to contact an exterminator in Cincinnati and select a bed bug treatment that is suitable for your wallet and needs.