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How To Rid Your Infestation

exterminator_imageIf you have ever suffered from a bed bug infestation, then you know what nasty and irritating critters they can be. While they are not known to carry or transmit any diseases, they are nasty and can bite you. The bites can lead to infection in certain individuals. If a bed bug infestation gets too far out of hand you will need to assistance of a professional. Bed bugs can be very hard to remove in apartment complexes, since they will migrate from unit to unit through the walls.

However, if you are currently suffering from a bed bug infestation there are some things that you can try on your own to remove the infestation. Below you will learn more information about this process and Bed Bug Extermination in Cincinnati.

Remove Clutter

Bed bugs prefer a living environment that is cluttered. The more organized and less clutter you have in your home, the easier it will be to remove the infestation. So, this will be the first place you start. By getting rid of clutter you will be eliminating potential bed bug hiding spots. Not to mention this will give you a lot more room to work around your home.


Vacuuming is not only good for removing dirt and small objects, but it is also great for removing bed bugs. Start by vacuuming the infected areas of the home thoroughly. Also be sure to keep an out for possible hiding places, while you are vacuuming.

Make sure that you vacuum furniture, mattresses, box springs, bed frames, curtains, baseboards, and basically any area that you can reach with your vacuum nozzle. If you have problems getting down on your hands and knees, you might have to hire someone to complete this step for you.

Another important tip is to make sure you are using a throw away vacuum bag. You do not want to leave any eggs stored in the vacuum cleaner while it is in the home.

Cleaning All Your Fabrics

Bed bugs do not hold up well against of the heat. One of the best ways to get bed bugs out of your clothing and bedding is to dry to items on high heat. You can also wash them in hot water is the items are applicable. When drying your clothes and bedding dry then as you normally would, then add an additional 30 minute cycle to the items.

When you are complete with the cycle the items should be hot to touch. It is also important not to cram the washer or dryer full when going through this process. You want to make sure that the heat is able to reach every inch of the item that you are washing or drying.


If you want to go a step further, you can even spray a light might of insecticides on the infected areas. After you have completed all the steps above you should be bed bug free. However, if you find that you are still having problems, then you might have to contact Bed Bug Extermination in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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