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The ant is a Formicidae member, insect species that build colonies. The ant colony consists of a queen, workers, winged and wingless swarmers, and soldiers. Each colony member has unique responsibilities. For example, the wingless swarmer is responsible for caring for the queen and larvae, as well as forage for food.

There are approximately 12,000 Formicidae members, many of which have a tri-segmented body that is solid black, dark brown, or reddish/brown. The ant has two antennas and three sets of legs that resemble elbows, resulting in better agility and speed.

The queen has the longest lifespan of all the other colony members.

Why Is My Cincinnati Home Under An Ant Attack?

When food becomes scarce in the natural habitat, ants begin to look elsewhere. In most cases, elsewhere is only a few feet from the main colony. If your home is only a few feet away from an ant colony, it will come under attack. If your home’s pest barrier is weak, the ants will make their way inside.

Having a vulnerable pest barrier puts you and your family at risk of an ant infestation. Ants prefer their natural habitat to the human living space any day of the week. However, when food is scarce, the ant will venture into homes through small openings around basement and foundation vents, air conditioner ductwork, electrical wiring, plumbing pipes, door and window frames, and thresholds.

Do Ants Spread Disease?

No, ants are not responsible for spreading diseases. However, the insect does contaminate water and food supplies, resulting in foodborne illness. It is crucial to have a non-perishable food system that utilizes stainless steel, glass, and BPA-free plastic containers with lids.

We highly recommend updating your non-refrigerated food storage system as soon as possible. If ants infiltrate your home, they will not have access to your dried cereal, nuts, crackers, spices, cookies, candy, flour, cornmeal, and raisins.

Do Exterminators Recommend DIY Pest Control For Ant Infestations?

No, an ant infestation is complex because it involves two colonies. The main and satellite colonies can be comprised of thousands of members. The satellite colony is part of the main colony but inside the home. Unlike some insects, the ant will gather food inside the home and transport it back to the main colony.

Ant infestations need a much stronger pest control approach, such as our industrial-grade pesticides and insecticides. These products have a high level of potency, making them suitable for ant infestations of all severity levels.

Will DIY Pest Control Eradicate Ant Infestations?

It cannot be stressed enough, ant infestations are complex. The more complex the infestation, the more potent the treatment. Our professional ant control combines routine visual inspections, industrial-strength insecticides or pesticides, and ant glue traps.

Does Pest Control Treatment Cause Cancer?

Chemicals found in pesticides may cause cancer in long-term exposure cases. The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has taken the steps to fight against the misuse of chemical pesticides. The federal government agency developed a set of guidelines that requires all manufacturers to submit a list of the ingredients utilized in their chemical pesticides. In addition to the ingredients list, manufacturers are also required to explain to the EPA why they believe their chemical pesticides are safe.

We refuse to treat occupied homes with chemical-based insecticides due to exposure risks. When the household members vacate the home, only then will our exterminators move in to initiate the treatment.

How Do I Schedule An Appointment For An Ant Inspection?

There are several ways to schedule an ant inspection, you can do it online on our official website or by contacting our Cincinnati office. A customer support member will help you schedule the appointment. Once your service request is submitted, we will begin processing it. We need between 24 and 48 hours to process your ant inspection service request.

How Can I Protect My Home And Family From A Repeat Ant Infestation?

We suggest starting by improving your home’s vulnerable pest barrier. You can do this by filling in all openings that can be utilized as access points by ants and other insects. Ant access points can be found around damaged window frames, air conditioner duct, and foundation vents.

We also recommend updating your non-perishable food system. The transition from manufacturing packaging to glass or BPA-free plastic containers with lids. Glass jars cannot be infiltrated by ants, which is why they are more preferred to paperboard and thin plastic bags.

Ants are diligent insects, as they will not quit trying to infiltrate your home until they are successful. But, if your home’s pest barrier is in good condition, the ant will eventually give up. Unfortunately, too many Cincinnati property owners tend to ignore their pest barriers, resulting in mild to severe ant infestations.

If your home is infested with ants, it may be infested by other insect species as well. Contact our Cincinnati office to speak with one expert to learn more about our professional pest control.

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