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Cincinnati Ohio Professional Flea Pest Control

The flea appears to be a minuscule problem at first sight. Within a few weeks, there are more fleas, a few weeks later, more fleas, and the cycle continues. Whether your home has pets or not, it is still a flea target. How are so many Cincinnati residents victimized by the flea species each year? The main reason has to do with the population of fleas in the city. Unfortunately, there is not enough being done to control the flea population. Even people with pets oftentimes ignore the flea problems in their communities.

What Is The Most Common Flea Sighting In Cincinnati?

The most commonly reported flea sighting in Cincinnati involves the cat flea “Ctenocephalides felis.” All animals prone to these parasites are cat flea targets. No animal is safe when fleas are nearby. The flea’s body is flat, allowing it to maneuver through thick fur and escape the grubby fingers of human owners.

Fleas are parasites like lice, ticks, and bed bugs. The only difference is the shape of the flea’s body. Cat fleas target deer, raccoon, fox, opossum, canine, skunk, and ferret. They hitchhike rides in suitcases, on shoes, backpacks, purses, and hats.

Flea Bite Characteristics

The flea bite is not much different than other insect bites. The onset of symptoms includes a red pinpoint-sized spot, redness, edema (swelling), and itching. All symptoms are related to the insect’s saliva, which contains a numbing agent. Before injecting its feeding tube into the victim’s skin, the flea releases saliva in an act to numb the area.

Flea bites have been associated with plague, tapeworms, and severe allergy dermatitis. In severe cases, the victim can suffer from blood loss and sometimes anemia.

What Is The Best Flea Infestation Prevention?

Flea infestations range between mild and severe, with the latter being the worst. Fleas are difficult to contain when their population has grown out of control. Our professional flea management is the only solution, as it targets the entire population. We combine industrial-grade insecticide with adhesive traps to maximize the results and ensure the quickest and best results.

Here are a few things you can do to prepare for the exterminator’s arrival.

  • Never agree to adopt a dog, cat, or ferret until you are fully prepared to take on the responsibility
  • Treat pets with anti-parasitic medicine as prescribed by the manufacturer
  • Keep the lawn mowed to fight against ground floor humidity, which is the perfect environment for fleas
  • Encourage other household members and neighbors to not feed passersby wildlife
  • Install metal or wood barriers around low porches, decks, and sheds to keep wildlife out
  • Routinely inspect your pet’s living quarters and bedding looking for signs of a flea infestation, such as flea dirt (flea feces), live insects, and constant scratching
  • Routinely wash pet’s bedding
  • Thoroughly vacuum your entire hire, especially the pet’s living quarters to remove live fleas and flea eggs and larvae

Our exterminators are on standby to help in your time of need. We offer free flea inspections, consultations, and estimates.

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