Heat Treatment

We understand how difficult it can be to eliminate bedbugs. Unfortunately, you likely won’t be able to fix the problem using DIY methods because many of them are ineffective. Even worse is that some of these products are unsafe. You have several options to choose from, but it is hard to beat our thermal heat treatments. Our company offers full-scale thermal heat treatment to wipe out the bedbug infestation impacting your family. Heat is the most effective way to deal with an ongoing bedbug problem.

Heat Eliminates Bedbug Infestations

Our company offers thermal heat treatments. We’re confident that we’ll be able to fix your problem using heat. When you agree to use our heat treatments, one of our exterminators will visit your home and use a heat machine to raise the temperature. One of the best things about heat is that it can eliminate all of the bedbugs in your home. Even if they’re hiding in deep cracks and gaps, the heat will reach and eliminate them. On top of this, heat eliminates bedbugs and their eggs.

As a result, we’re confident to say that heat is one of the best tools we can use against bedbugs. The process is simple. An exterminator will use a heat machine to increase your home’s temperatures to 140-degrees or higher. When bedbugs are exposed to these temperatures, they will die. If they can’t escape your home, they will die within hours.

Most Reliable

When working with us, you’ll receive a satisfactory guarantee. We’re going to do what we can to make sure that you’re satisfied with our services. We’re thrilled to offer heat treatments because they’re safe and reliable. Although it isn’t fool-proof, it comes closer than other techniques. The only way bedbugs will be able to survive our heat treatment is if they can find a way to leave your home. If they can escape your home, they’ll avoid the heat and survive. Then, there is a risk that they’ll return.

Our exterminator will take steps to prevent this from happening.

Maintaining The Proper Temperatures

It is pertinent for our exterminator to monitor the temperatures in your home. When using our heat machine, we have to make sure that the heat stays at 140-degrees. We need to maintain these temperatures for two hours or longer. We generally try to maintain this temperature for three or four hours to guarantee satisfactory results. Furthermore, we cannot let the temperature fluctuate because this would allow the bedbugs to survive.

Please Stay Away

Our company wants to do everything possible to keep you safe. We couldn’t imagine using risky treatments or putting you in a dangerous situation. As a result, we’re going to ask you to stay away from your home while we treat it with heat. The heat treatment doesn’t take long. It is faster than many of the alternatives. In general, we can be in and out of your house in a few hours.

With that being said, we’ll contact you and let you know when we’ve finished. Contact us today so we can remove your bedbugs.

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