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Cincinnati OH Box Elder “Boxelder” Bug Pest Control

Boxelder bugs, also referred to as boxelder bugs are highly distinguishable insects. Thanks to their red-outlined black wings, the box elder bug can be identified in first-time encounters. The adult grows up to 0.5 inches in length. Seeds and sap from the box elder, cherry, maple, and ash trees make up the box elder bug’s diet.

Why Is My Cincinnati Home Under A Mass Box Elder Bug Attack?

Boxelder bugs build colonies that can host thousands of species. The insect meets the criteria to be declared an “overwintering pest.” As overwintering pests, box elder bugs initiate home infiltration attempts beginning in the late fall of each year. If your home is within close proximity to the box elder bug colony, it will be a major target.

When box elders bugs are not searching for vulnerabilities in a building’s pest barrier, they are waiting on easy access opportunities. For example, an easy infiltration for a box elder bug would be an unattended, non-screened open window.

Do Box Elder Bugs Spread Disease In Ohio?

No, scientists have never been able to connect these insects to human or animal diseases. Since the insect does not feed following home infiltration, there is little to no risk of foodborne illnesses. You can rest assured that your family and animals are under no genuine threat from the box elder bug.

The biggest concern victims have is the insect’s atrocious odor. When threatened or injured, the insect emits an odor that is described by witnesses as “foul.” We suggest not swatting a box elder bug, but instead, suction it up in a handheld vacuum and remove it outdoors. The faster the insect is released back into the environment, the quicker you will have eliminated what could have turned into a full-blown infestation.

What Type Of Box Elder Bug Pest Control Does Your Cincinnati Exterminators Offer?

We offer a broad range of chemical and eco-friendly pest management treatments suitable for box elder bug infestations. Depending on your financial, severity of the infestation, needs, and preferences, it may be possible to achieve a full eradication with our professional organic pesticide. These powerful formulas are industrial-strength, making them suitable for all pest infestations, including the box elder bug.

Do You Suggest A DIY Pest Control Strategy For Box Elder Bugs?

These are social insects that colonize to ensure the longest lifespan possible. When box elder bugs are encountered, they are generally piled together in an act of protecting themselves and conspiring against unaware property owners.

DIY pesticides are low-potency formulas not suitable for any pest infestation. While these pest control products are better than taking no action, we do not recommend them for full-blown box elder bug infestations.

When Can I Request A Box Elder Bug Inspection?

Our Cincinnati location is open five days a week and some weekends. Our extermination team is always ready to tackle mild, moderate, and severe box elder bug inspections. Due to the high demand for our pest inspections, we ask all residents to submit their service requests as soon as possible. It can take 24 to 48 hours, in most cases, to process a pest control service request at our Cincinnati office.

Should I Be Concerned About Chemical Exposure To My Young Children And Puppies?

No, we do not treat human- or animal-occupied homes. We request that the client vacate the impacted home in advance of each chemical pesticide treatment. If you are concerned about chemical exposure, you may find our eco-friendly pesticide formulas more suitable for your needs.

Our pesticide lineup consists of only EPA-approved brands. The US Environmental Protection Agency developed guidelines for pesticide manufacturers and exterminators in an effort to protect the environment and American citizens from unnecessary exposure to chemicals and other potentially harmful ingredients.

How Can I Protect My Cincinnati Property From A Repeat Box Elder Bug Infestation?

The only way to protect your property and family from a future box elder box infestation is to repair and improve your home’s vulnerable pest barrier. This is not a complex process as it only requires a waterproof sealant, time, and patience. Fill each hole with the waterproof sealant, allow to dry, and repeat if necessary.

If you encounter box elder bugs on your property, do not hesitate to reach out to our Cincinnati exterminators for assistance.

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