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How Does Your Exterminator Check For Bed Bugs?

Our exterminators follow a strict protocol when searching for bed bugs in residential and commercial settings. The process always begins in the bedroom, since bed bugs do not stray very far from their hosts. We carefully inspect the mattress, box spring, bed linen, and pillow before moving forward. Generally, the signs appear within a few minutes of the visual inspection. The signs of a bed bug infestation include dried bloodstains, exoskeletons, live insects, bites, translucent eggs and/or larvae, and fecal matter droppings. We understand the importance of achieving success the first go-round when searching for bed bugs. Our goal has always been to get in and get out as soon as possible while providing the customer with the most accurate results possible. In Cincinnati, bed bug sightings are reported all over the city. These insects target homes, businesses, college dorms, tourist accommodations (hotel and inns), and apartment complexes. It is crucial for every Cincinnati resident to know the insect’s physical characteristics to avoid any potential unnecessary delays. Our exterminators have undergone training to learn how to and what to look for when searching for bed bugs. When we cannot get the job done we call in the experts – bed bug sniffing canines. These dogs have been professionally trained to sniff out bed bugs in hiding places. Bed bugs burrow themselves deep into the tiniest crevice, gap, and other openings to avoid detection. Bed bugs can be found in cracks in bed frames, headboards, baseboards, floorboards, hanging and desktop décor, electronics, mattresses, bed linen, and upholstery furniture. When we initiate a bed bug search, we do not stop until all of the bed bug hiding places are found. If you decide to conduct a DIY bed bug search, you can follow the same process as our licensed exterminators. If your search is unsuccessful, do not hesitate to take advantage of our free bed bug inspections.

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