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Tops Places Bed Bugs Hide

When bedbugs enter a home, they will find countless places to hide. Most people know that bedbugs hide in mattresses, but they don’t know about their other hiding places. Well, bedbugs can hide in some odd places. They rarely grow larger than a quarter of an inch so they can hide anywhere. Below, you’ll learn more about common and strange bedbug hiding places.

Common Hiding Places


When a home is infested with bedbugs, it is estimated that 90% of the bedbugs will hide on the mattress. Doing so allow them to remain close to their primary food source. When hiding here, they’ll be able to determine a human body because it released heat and CO2. When they notice these things, they’ll come out of hiding to eat.

Bed Frames

Bed frames tend to have small cracks and crevices that are perfect hiding places. Many bed frames are the same color as bedbugs so this gives them an extra level of protection. If bedbugs are hiding on your bed frame, the infestation has gotten bigger. They don’t have enough room on the mattress so they’ve had to spread out.

Bed Clothes

Bedbugs can hide in sheets, covers, and quilts. You’ll need to check these items thoroughly to determine whether bedbugs are living in your home. Look at the small crevices of the sheets to see if small bugs are hiding there.


Many homes have rugs or carpets. If you have this type of flooring in your living room, you might have bedbugs hiding there. If they hide in your shoes, they will climb out and move to the carpets.


Bedbugs tend to stay in bedrooms, but they can move elsewhere too. As a result, you’ll need to look at the furniture in your home more thoroughly. Be sure to check under the furniture because bedbugs hiding under there.

Bedbugs can also hide in strange places.

Strange Bedbug Hiding Spots

Bedbugs will hide in strange places as well.

Suitcase & Luggage

If you’re worried about bedbugs in your home, you’ll need to check your luggage. You might’ve stayed at a motel recently. When you did, the bedbugs in the motel room hid in your luggage. Unfortunately, you unintentionally brought them home with you. If this happens, you may still have bedbugs in your luggage.

Hanging Decorations

You might decorate your walls with hanging decorations. If you do, bedbugs could be hiding in those decorations. They could be hiding behind paints and pictures.


When books are kept in your bedroom, they’ll make great hiding places for bedbugs. Books have small cracks and gaps. For instance, bedbugs can hide under the cover. You’ll also find them hiding between the book’s binding and spine.


You’ll find bedbugs hiding in some of your electronics. If you have an alarm clock close to your bed, they’ll hide in the alarm clock. They can climb through the small cracks and hide inside. They’ll also hide in other electronics such as televisions, computers, and gaming consoles.


If you have a nightstand close to your bed, they’re likely hiding there as well. You’ll need to check it carefully to determine whether you have bedbugs.

You may decide to hide boxes and other belongings under your bed. Although this is a good storage spot, it can be a good hiding spot for bedbugs too. Bedbugs can hide in the boxes under your bed. It is a good idea to use tight, durable storage boxes to prevent them from doing so.

After you’ve identified bedbugs in your home, call an exterminator. With their help, you can eliminate the pests and reclaim your home.

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