Tips To Avoid Bed Bugs While Traveling

Relying on the SLEEP acronym when traveling abroad is a good way to prevent future bedbug infestation. Below, you’ll learn more about this so you can avoid potential problems.

S For Survey

When you first enter a motel room, you’ll want to lay down and relax. Don’t. Instead, you’ll want to check the room carefully before getting comfortable. Otherwise, you might take bedbugs home with you. Bedbugs could be hiding in the motel room and you may not realize it. Check the room for a sweet, musty odor that resembles the smell of soda. Look at the bed to make sure it doesn’t have red or brown stains. Check your skin for red welts. If you find any of these signs, you might have bedbugs.

L For Lift & Look

If you haven’t found any signs of bedbugs yet, you’ll need to look closer. Bedbugs can hide exceptionally well making it harder to identify them. Bedbugs can hide in box springs, mattresses, furniture, and sheets. You’ll need to lift these items to determine whether the room has bedbugs. Lift the mattress and check both sides. Check all hiding places until you’re sure the room is free of bugs.

E For Elevate

Most motel rooms have a luggage rack. Although most people do not use this item, they should. It can make a big difference in the long run. Using the luggage rack for its intended purpose will help stop bedbugs. The rack will elevate your luggage from the floor. Just make sure that the luggage rack is positioned in the middle of the room.

E For Examine

The process doesn’t end when you return home. When you do, you need to focus on preventing bedbugs from coming inside with you. Make sure that you examine your belonging thoroughly before carrying them inside. It is wise to check the luggage in your garage or utility room.

P For Place

Finally, you’ll want to use your dryer to eliminate bedbugs hiding in your clothes. Throw your clothes into the dryer and turn the dryer on. Be sure to use one of the hottest temperature settings and let it dry for 15 minutes or so. The extreme heat will eliminate the bedbugs since they cannot tolerate the heat. Eliminating a bedbug infestation won’t be easy. Therefore, it is wise to keep them out in the first place. Use the tips above to do that. If you find bedbugs in your home, call our office.