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Professional Beetle Pest Management Cincinnati Ohio

Beetles are persistent insects that infiltrate commercial, residential, and industrial buildings. Regardless of your property, it is a beetle target, starting in late fall. These overwintering pests know no end to infiltration into buildings in preparation for the upcoming winter season. Overwintering is a dormant state similar to hibernation. The only difference is hibernation is utilized to reference animals in a deep sleep and overwintering is insects.

The most common beetle sightings in Cincinnati involve the longhorn, powder post, and ground species. You need to know as much about these beetle species as possible, just in case your home becomes the next real target.

Why Are Beetles Invading My Cincinnati Home?

It cannot be stressed enough, beetles are nuisance insects that refuse to spend the winter seasons outdoors. Winter in Cincinnati can be harsh at low, with temperatures sinking down to the single digits. When overwintering beetles are exposed to these low temperatures, they have the tendency to die off rapidly. While the body does what it can to protect the heart and lungs, temperatures below freezing are brutal.

In their natural habitat, beetles are drawn to vulnerable wooden structures, such as a mailbox and fence posts, as well as tree stumps and downed trees.

How To Professionally Handle A Beetle Infestation?

Beetles are known to colonize year-round to survive in harsh conditions. They build their colonies from the ground up, which is continuous hard work. Beetles are diligent when it comes to overwintering, they refuse to spend the winter exposed to the elements. We believe it is possible to fight a beetle infestation in the early and late phases with our professional pest control.

We combine routine beetle inspections, industrial-strength insecticides, adhesive traps, and manpower to eradicate beetle infestations. Our industrial-strength pesticides eradicate adult beetles and their eggs and larvae.

Does DIY Pest Control Have Any Impact On Beetle Infestations?

Once a beetle population reaches a few hundred, it becomes an infestation. Unfortunately, over-the-counter insecticides are not always enough to fully eradicate a colony of beetles. One beetle colony can have thousands of members, all of which attempt home infiltration to avoid overwintering in the cold.

We do not recommend low-strength pesticides that can be purchased without an extermination license or pest control certificate from big-box and home & garden stores. Beetle infestations are complex and so should be the pest control strategy.

How Do I Schedule A Beetle Inspection That Will Get A Quick Response?

If you reside in the city, we recommend submitting your pest control service request to our Cincinnati location. One of our customer support team members will receive the request and initiate processed as soon as possible. It can take anywhere between 24 and 48 hours to process the request. Once it is fully processed, the team member will get in contact with you via text, email, or phone.

Do Pest Control Products Utilize To Treat Beetle Infestations Contain Chemicals?

It depends on the formula. Some pesticides do contain chemicals while others contain all-natural ingredients. We understand the risk of long-term pesticide chemical exposure, which is why we refuse to treat an occupied property. During the initial consultation, the exterminator will explain our professional pest control process. You will be asked to remove your children and pets from the home prior to each treatment.

Is Professional Beetle Extermination Expensive?

We do not think so because it generally requires fewer treatments, compared to over-the-counter or DIY pesticides. If you are concerned about pricing, we suggest requesting a free one-on-one consultation with one of our licensed exterminators.

We provide written pest control service quotes to ensure prices do not increase when utilized in a few weeks or months.

What Do I Need To Prevent A Repeat Beetle Infestation Nest Fall?

The first thing you should do is repair and update your home’s vulnerable pest barrier. A pest barrier is similar to a human intruder barrier, as it is comprised of entrance and garage doors, windows, walls, and ceilings. All of these components are suspect to damage caused by normal wear and tear.

To repair your pest barrier, we recommend a high-quality waterproof sealant, such as silicone. Fill in tiny holes with the sealant and larger holes with precut metal sheeting or plywood.

If you have any other pest control issues please check out other services.

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