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Professional Carpenter Bee Extermination In Cincinnati OH

Carpenter bees pose risks for humans and animals during the breeding season, which begins in mid Spring. The adult grows up to 1-1/2” in length with the male being slightly larger than the female. The color variance is how exterminators differentiate between the genders. The female is solid black with a hairless abdomen while the male is a mixture of orange and black with a hairless abdomen.

It is not unusual for inexperienced individuals to mistake the carpenter bee for a bumblebee. The trick is to inspect the bee species’ abdomens. As mentioned previously, the carpenter bee’s abdomen is hairless. The bumblebee’s abdomen, on the other hand, is covered with a thick layer of fuzz.

Why Are Carpenter Bee Nests Filling My Decaying Tree Stumps?

Simple, carpenter bees begin breeding in the spring. As the female is preparing for birth, she and her mate bore tiny holes in vulnerable wood and wooden structures, such as the tree stump. The insects tend to work hard in building their nest because they know it will become a permanent fixture for every breeding season hereafter.

The insects spend hours boring holes in untreated wood, erecting tunnels that are utilized to nest their young. Carpenter bees are unique in that they share their nests with other females of their kind.

Do Carpenter Bees Pose Danger For My Pets?

Absolutely, domesticated animals and humans, for this matter, will happen upon a carpenter bee without their knowledge. Nearing a carpenter bee nest when it is filled with eggs and/or larvae is extremely dangerous. Unlike some insect species, the carpenter bee care for their young. So, approaching the nest, whether you are aware or unaware is extremely dangerous.

While only the female has a stinger, both genders will attack when threatened. It isn’t like the carpenter bees do enough damage to a wooden structure, comes along a woodpecker. These bird species can hear the carpenter bee larvae, which they are drawn to. Woodpeckers will spend hours pecking away at the carpenter bee tunnels, in hopes of being rewarded with the larvae.

What Is The Best Pest Control Strategy For Carpenter Bees?

Our professional carpenter bee management is the solution for carpenter bees in all phases of the life cycle. We utilize industrial-strength insecticides to eradicate the adult carpenter bees and their eggs and larvae. Once the insects are fully eradicated, we will then discuss the removal of the damaged wooden structure housing the nest. It is totally up to you how you handle this situation. But, if you ever hope to maintain a carpenter-bee property, the carpenter bee nest will need to be eliminated once and for all.

Can I Try DIY Pest Control Insecticides Before Calling An Exterminator?

You can, but you must remember, these are not a mild insect species you are dealing with. These are dangerous stinging insects that will attack humans and animals, even though they are not threatening their livelihood.

While carpenter bees are parasocial insects, colonization may be an issue. Since the insects share their nests with others of their own kind, mild to moderate infestations are always a possibility.

Will My Pets Be Exposed To Harmful Chemicals During The Pest Control Treatment?

No, we never initiate a chemical-based pest control treatment in the presence of our clients or their family or pets. We believe an evacuation of the property is in order to protect all parties from unnecessary chemical pesticide exposure. We understand the risks of chemical exposure for humans and the environment, which is why we joined forces with Cincinnati’s top manufacturers.

In the United States, all manufacturers are required by law to explain the ingredients utilized in their pest control products before they can enter the American market.

What Do I Need To Protect My Property And Family From A Repeat Carpenter Bee Infestation?

You will need to hire a professional to remove the damaged structures from your property. As long as the nests are still present, your property will continue to be a prime suspect for a carpenter bee infestation.

When Will The Exterminator Arrive At My Cincinnati Home To Perform The Carpenter Bee Inspection?

To process your pest control service request. Our Cincinnati customer support team needs at least 24 hours from the initial request was received. We believe in providing Cincinnati residents with a speed pest control response.

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