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Best Mattress Covers For Stopping Bed Bugs

You need to do everything you can to defend your home from a potential bedbug infestation. One way to do this is by protecting your mattress with a bedbug cover. It won’t wipe out a bedbug infestation, but it will make a big difference.

Bedbugs Hide In Mattresses

Bedbug mattress covers are vital because most bedbugs are going to hide in your mattress. If you don’t use a bedbug cover, the bedbugs will be able to freely hide in your mattress without restrictions. It is estimated that 90% of the bedbugs in a dwelling will stay on the mattress. Using a mattress protector is a good way to deal with the bedbugs hiding on the mattress. Once they’re trapped in the mattress protector, they won’t be able to leave or feed.

More About Bedbug Mattress Protectors

Bedbug mattress protectors are helpful because they can eliminate some of the bedbugs in your home. The protector is a large piece of fabric that will cover your mattress. Once it is wrapped around the mattress, it can be secured with a zipper. It will protect the entire mattress and prevent bedbugs from leaving and accessing the mattress. Using one of these products is a good way to eliminate some of the bedbugs. Research has shown that bedbugs will die within two weeks once they’ve been trapped inside of a mattress protector.

Picking A Mattress Protector

You need to research extensively to ensure that you get the best bedbug mattress protector for your money. Use the advice below to do so.

Full Coverage

Ultimately, you need a full encasement. Some of these products only cover half or two-thirds of the mattress. These products do not work effectively. Instead, you need a full encasement because it’ll provide better results.

Durable & Sealed

Be sure to choose a mattress protector that is durable and sealed. The zipper needs to work reliably, and the seams must be reinforced. These two features will make the mattress cover more durable and reliable. If it has any gaps or holes, bedbugs will be able to access and leave the mattress as they normally would.


Don’t buy one of these products unless it has been tested and approved by licensed entomologists.

Free Of Dangerous Chemicals

Finally, choose a mattress protector that is free of dangerous toxins. The mattress protector is going to be close to your face and body when you sleep. These chemicals can help eliminate the pests, but they’re dangerous.

Effectiveness Of Bedbug Mattress Protectors

Bedbug mattress protectors aren’t going to solve the problem completely, but they will help. Using one of these products will help contain the infestation and slow it down. Remember that most bedbugs will hide in your mattress. Using a mattress cover will trap the bedbugs and prevent them from feeding on your blood. Although this will make a difference, it isn’t going to do anything about the other bedbugs in your home. To deal with those bedbugs, call our office. We’ll be ready to help you fix the problem before it worsens.

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